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Tabs missing from continuation lines


The versification issues output would be easier to read if continuation lines were aligned in the Description column. Tabs could be inserted to effect this improvement.

Also useful to give the Description column a title.

And it would make sense to insert a line break after the following descriptor.

"No actual verse text detected; only tag information detected"

and anything of a similar nature.

Here is an example for how it might read better:
Filename    Chapter Verse   Description
10_2_Samuel.usfm    1       No actual verse text detected; only tag information detected 
            [20 ʻOua naʻa tala ia ʻi Kati,
            \q2 ʻoua naʻa fakahā ia ʻi he ngaahi hala ʻo ʻAsikeloni;
            \q telia naʻa fiefia ai ʻae ngaahi ʻofefine ʻoe kakai Filisitia,
            \q2 pea telia naʻa polepole ai ʻae ngaahi ʻofefine ʻokinautolu ʻoku taʻekamu.
(Assume column 4 contains the Descriptions - limitations of tab rendering in Codeplex)