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Alphanumeric verse tags - improve description


Currently when an alphanumeric verse tag is detected, the description generated by Check for Versification Issues is overly verbose. Example:

43LUKABS.SFM 9 No actual verse text detected; only tag information detected [43a Pas orang banya lia Allah pung kuasa yang basar tu, dong samua taherang-herang.
\s1 Yesus kasi tau kalo Antua nanti mati
\r (Mat. 17:22-23; Mrk. 9:30-32)

The description could be readily simplified as follows:

43LUKABS.SFM 9 43a Alphanumeric verse tag detected [43a]

Likewise for when a verse range includes non-numeric characters in either part:

551TIABS.SFM 6 2 Alphanumeric verse tag detected [2a]
551TIABS.SFM 6 2 Alphanumeric verse range detected [2b-10]