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Versification issues does not detect when \v 1 is missing


I have a USFM file for Genesis (Tongan language) in which the tag for verse 1 is missing for all 50 chapters.

I will email the complete USFM file to the project developer.

There were no versification issues reported!

Typically there is some other content between the chapter tag and the tag for verse 2.

Here's the extract for chapter 1, though observe the incorrect use of tag \r here (separate topic).
\c 1
\r 1 Ko e fakatupu `o e langi mo ma=mani, 3 `O e maama, 6 Mo e ata, 9 Mo e mavahe `o e fonua mei he ngaahi vai, 11 Mo e ngaohi ia ke fua, 14 `A e la`a=, mo e ma=hina, mo e ngaahi fetu`u, 20 `A e ika, mo e fanga manupuna, 24 `A e fanga manu kehekehe, 26 Ko e tangata `i he tatau `o e `Otua. 29 Ko e tu`utu`uni foki `o e me`akai.
\p NA`E fakatupu `e he `Otua `i he kamata`anga `a e langi mo ma=mani.
\v 2 Pea na`e fuofuonoa `a ma=mani mo lala; pea na`e fakapo`uli `a e funga `o e loloto. Pea na`e `o=`o=faki `a e Lauma=lie `o e `Otua ki he fukahi vai.