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Paragraphed text between a chapter heading and the tag for verse 1



I'm currently assisting in a collaborative project for a Bible in one of the languages of Micronesia, called Chuukese.

The translators used a very early form of scripture format markers, so my work has involved converting the source text files to USFM.

Two weeks ago, I found that all the canonical Psalm titles were tagged using \p
i.e. as paragraphed text lines between a chapter heading and the tag for verse 1
I was able to convert these to using the proper tag \d for descriptive titles (as per the example in the USFM Reference).

it then occurred to me to search to see if there were any other instances outside the Psalms.
And yes - sure enough - I found two such places!

First in Proverbs:
\c 10
\s Sokofesenin eman chon pwüng me eman aramasangau
\sr 10.1-15.33
\p Ikkei ekewe fos Salomon a eäni mwiitun.
\v 1 Eman alüal mi tipachem a apwapwai saman, nge eman alüal mi tiparoch a atoto letipeta won inan.
Second in Zechariah:
\c 12
\s Jerusalem epwe ngasala lon kan fansoun repwe feito
\sr 12.1-13.6
\p Eu kapasen osuni:
\v 1 Iei ewe pworaus ewe Samol mi Lapalap a apasa fän äsengesin Israel. Iei alon ewe Samol mi Lapalap mi ameresala ekewe läng, ewe mi föri fanüfan o atolonga ewe ngasangasen manau lon aramas,
I'm fairly sure that these correspond to the English KJV as follows:
Pro 10 "The proverbs of Solomon."
Zec 12 ", saith the LORD,"
The reason for alerting you is in connection with how such a peculiar use might be handled by the PreProcessor utility. Currently it does not report anything for these two locations.