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A useful tip

first post: DavidHaslam wrote: Before I use the GoBibleCreator USFM Preprocessor utility, from Wi...

Download problem with Firefox 3

first post: DavidHaslam wrote: I had to switch to using Internet Explorer 7 as the browser for usi...

latest post: anyalee wrote: This shouldn't be an issue, works fine for usanya

Please include the space when referring to Go Bible

first post: DavidHaslam wrote: The correct name for the application is Go Bible, not GoBible.Camel...

latest post: anyalee wrote: We changed all the referencesAnya

Versification errors

first post: omRicky wrote: Glad I found this tool as it has saved me a lot of work already. I ...

latest post: dirkkaiser wrote: Hi omRicky, I posted GBC version 2.3.4 in the downloads area so you...

Initial Release

first post: dirkkaiser wrote: This project has just opened for business. Please put your request...

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