Versification errors

May 8, 2009 at 1:18 AM

Glad I found this tool as it has saved me a lot of work already. 

I am receiving an error when I attempt to Search for Versification ie - "Input String was not in correct format". How soon would documentation be available? as my paratext files may not be quite right.

BTW I cant find a link GoBibleCreator version 2.3.4

Again - this is a great tool thanks

May 8, 2009 at 7:36 AM

Hi omRicky,


I posted GBC version 2.3.4 in the downloads area so you can pick it up from there.


Documentation will be coming when I get some time.  Unfortunately, I'll be traveling for the next week or so - maybe I can do it while I'm on the road.  It definitely is a priority for me so it WILL come sooner than later.


As far as your error goes, it does sound like you have some problem with your paratext source files.  What the program does for this tool is to iterate through all the verses looking for either blank verses:

\v 4

or verses that are hyphenated:

\v 4-6

If you have something else, that may be throwing the error.  Throwing the error is fine especially if the text isn't clean...however, I could write the code better to help you identify the trouble spot better.  I would be happy to use your paratext source files to test and debug against.  Send me an IM message by clicking on my name and we can chat further.

- Dirk